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This is a short explainer about Women's Studies as a college major. I wrote the script, recorded the voiceover and edited the video in Premiere Pro and CapCut. It was made for a Chinese audience so I added English subtitles.

This is a marketing video I made to promote Thinktown's college admission results for 2020-2021. This student was accepted by Dartmouth College. I provided the question list, directed the video and edited it in Premiere Pro.



This is a video profile of NowPow, a women-led health-tech startup in the South Side of Chicago. I met the founders at an investing showcase where they agreed to an interview and a tour. I did the scripting, interviewing, filming and editing by myself. 


This is an animated video I made with the voiceover of a peer mentor at Thinktown. In the video, she talks about her love story with reading. I picked the audio recording from a 30-minute webinar and added the animations with CapCut. This video received 18.2k views, 1197 likes and 787 collects after posting for a week on Chinese social media platform Xiao Hong Shu (RED).


This is a 15-minute TV news program I produced for Northwestern Newsmakers, which was aired on CAN-TV. I sourced the stories, did the scripting, filming, interviewing and editing by myself.

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